Mobile Solution
Mobile Solution for your General Practice website

Patients will use Smart Phones, Tables, iPads, Mobile Phones in addition to laptops, Macs and PCs to access your website.

Our sites are designed to automatically reformat themselves to give the best possible viewing experience to the visitor. For example our multi-column menu, useful on larger devices, will not fit on a smart phone, so this is automatically replaced by a phone friendly drop down menu. Plus, font-sizes, page layout and images are resized for best possible effect.

There is no need for you to worry about this when adding new pages or content. Simply add your content once and the system automatically re-format it based on the viewing device.

What is Supported?

Apple devices including iPhone, iPad (all versions), Mac Books and iMacs are supported.

Windows & Android

PCs and laptops running Microsoft Windows and Android based smart phones, tablets and mobile phones are supported by our websites. There are a lot of devices out there, so if have a patient with a device that is not supported, do let us know.

A browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Explorer) running on a Mac, PC or Laptop is required to edit your website. Editing from mobile devices has reduced support.