The NHS Friends and Family Test
The NHS Friends and Family Test

To meet the requirements of the new Friends and Family Test for GP Surgeries, Websites4GPs have developed a survey app to capture patient responses from your website.

How does it work: The app is advertised on and linked into your practice website. When activated, patients are presented with a simple, easy to use form, that will ask the questions required by the test and capture any comments they may have.

How do we obtain the results? Each month the app generates an email to the practice with a summary of the months entries, plus the supporting data attached (including any comments). This data can then be loaded into a spreadsheet and appended to any results captured using other methods, eg surveys available in reception etc.

Additional Information
How much will it cost?

*FREE* for customers on our monthly service plan. For other plans there is a one-off fee of £28.50 (including installation).

Does it work with Mobile Phones and IPads?

Yes, the app auto reformats itself for iPads, Mobile Phones, Smart phones etc. It even includes google translate service for patients who's first language is not English.

GP Friends and Family Test
Can I see a Demo?

Yes, please click here to see the Friends and Family Demo.