General Practice Website Gallery
General Practice Website Gallery - Showcasing our Surgery Website Designs

Our surgery website gallery provides links to live surgery websites, and showcases our practice website designs, color schemes and functionality.

To visit each General Practice website in our gallery, simply click on the images below

To find out more take a look at our product page, or if you have any questions do get in touch.

Online Tools

At each website site you can also view our online tools including Travel Risk Assessments, Smoking Status Questionnaire etc.

Mobile Devices

In addition to your Mac or PC, try viewing the demo site on your iPad or other tablet, or your smart phone. The site will auto-reformat itself for the different device sizes.

Themes and Colours

The practice websites in our gallery showcase the 'Clarity' theme. This theme is available in 4 colour schemes as standard. 'Clarity' can also be created in your own colour scheme if required.

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Our surgery websites are available in multiple colour schemes.
We can also create your own colour scheme!
Castlefields Surgery
Castlefields Surgery (Emerald)
Clarity Design in Emerald
Holmcroft Surgery (Ocean)
Carlton Street Surgery (Silver)
Carlton Street Surgery (Silver)
Hazeldene House Surgery (Ocean)
Hazeldene House Surgery (Ocean)
Wellway Medical Group (sky)
Wellway Medical Group (sky)
Crown Surgery (Ocean)
Crown Surgery (Ocean)