Frequently Asked Questions
How much does your service cost?

Please download our product information sheet, which also includes pricing.

Can we maintain the website ourselves?

You can maintain the website, change content, link documents add images. No special tools are required, everything is done from your browser.

Can you develop additional applications ?

Yes, we can develop additional applications for you. For example, if you have an idea for an application that would further enhance your web site for your patients, we are happy to build this for you.

Can we include Facebook & Twitter?

We can display your Facebook posts and Twitter feeds. Whatever you place on your Facebook or Twitter site will automatically appear on your website without any additional work from you.

How to I get an address?

Yes, we register this with the NHS on your behalf as part of our service. If you already have a address we can use that too.

Do we own the website?

We develop website templates & applications which we own and provide to multiple practices. This enables us to keep the costs very low. Your practice is issued with a license to use our website on a 12 month rolling contract, however you do not own the website. Any content your practices provides, text, documents, logos, images etc is owned by you.

Do your websites support mobile phones?

Patients can use Smart Phones, Tables, iPads, Mobile Phones in addition to laptops, Macs and PCs to access your website.

Do you Host / Support the website on our behalf?

Yes, we provide reliable, high speed UK based hosting and a comprehensive support service.

How do you ensure your applications are secure?

We use a number of methods to help make our applications secure. For example, information is always submitted to the site using SSL security - This is the same encryption used by shopping sites to send credit card and other details securely.

Practice Website Main Features

Websites4GPS offers a professional website package for General Practices. Multiple designs and colour schemes are available. Site headers, logos and banners are configured to make the design unique for to GP surgery.

Our online tools for General Practice add interactivity to your website, help to reduce calls to reception and gather QOF points. Tools include; Smoking Status, Medical Questionnaire, Your Health Medical Resources and more.

Our sites are designed to automatically reformat themselves to give the best possible viewing experience to the visitor. For example our multi-column menu, useful on larger devices, will not fit on a smart phone, so this is automatically replaced by a phone friendly drop down menu. Plus, font-sizes, page layout and images are resized for best possible effect.

Using our online tools you can edit your surgery website. Create unlimited pages, embed images and upload documents. You can also embed videos and create links to external websites. No special tools are required.