About Websites for General Practice
About Websites for General Practice (Websites4GPs)

Our first General Practice site was Weeping Cross Health Centre built in 2002. The design proved to be very successful, being highly regarded by both patients, staff, local authorities and other GPs.

We found that the combination of our skills in both IT and medicine were ideally suited to developing General Practice websites.

Building on this success we have continued to develop high quality healthcare websites for many companies and offer our services to UK General Practices, Pharmacies, Dentists, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Vocational Training Schemes, and other health based organisations.

The Team
Dr Clare Newell BM. BS. MRCGP

Clare is a GP partner and actively develops IT as a valuable communication tool between Doctors and patients. She has found that having a high quality web site has enabled patients to access reliable medical information, and has helped them to utilise the practice services to their best advantage. Her involvement in our website developments is on a consultative and quality assurance basis from the medical viewpoint.

Guy Newell Bsc

Guy has over 20 years experience IT and has designed, developed and implemented systems in many industry sectors including Automotive, Aviation, Logistics and Retail. He specialises in the development of internet based solutions and has been building web sites and applications for health care professionals for a number of years.

Why Choose Us?

Experience and Understanding: Websites4GPs have been developing websites for General Practices and Doctors surgeries for over 10 years. We are proud to have a large base of loyal customers located throughout the UK. We pride ourselves in providing a personal service to our customers. Find out what our customers say.

Development: Our product is constantly being developed to keep pace with new technologies and enhancements. Whether it be new Social Media integration, to making your website work on multiple devices, or incorporating the latest NHS developments, our websites stay up to date.

“ From our very first encounter with your services we felt supported through the process of setting up the website and more recently your skills in developing the site were invaluable. You have always been very quick to respond to our requests and implemented changes promptly. It's one less headache for me to worry about!! ”